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  • Alex Tebeleff

SSF ZPO + DIPOLE Eurorack Synth Voice Patch #2

Had a ton of fun making this patch with the just released SSF Zero Point Oscillator paired with its natural sonic sibling, the Stereo Dipole Filter. Video effects on the Youtube video courtesy of Signal Culture apps. You can also listen to it over at my Blacklodge project's Soundcloud.

The SSF voice comes from the ZPO with FM courtesy of a WMD/SSF Spectrum oscillator, sent through the Dipole Filter. The Intellijel Planar 2 provides simultaneous hands-on control of morphing and waveshaping on the ZPO, and filter spread on both sides of the Dipole.

Accompanying the main SSF voice are three percussion voices: two voices from modulated and processed SSF Entity Bass Drum and Percussion modules, and one courtesy of a Make Noise Erbeverb used as a sound source. The funky bassline comes courtesy of a Mannequins Mangrove + Three Sisters pair. The IME Stillson Hammer II acts as the main sequencer for the whole patch, with effects courtesy of a Audio Damage Dub JR. MKII, WMD/SSF DPLR, and 2HP Verb.

Various voices are sent from my WMD Performance Mixer via the cue out to a Mutable Instruments Clouds and 4ms DLD for further sonic exploration. I used the Intellijel Tetrapad to control Freeze on the Clouds, and Hold and Delay Feed on the DLD. You can hear these effects particularly in the beginning and end, but also variously interwoven throughout the performance, mostly using the SSF Voice and the Erbeverb as original sound source material.

Feel free to leave a comment shoot me an email if you have any interest in learning more.

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