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  • Alex Tebeleff

Eurorack fun: SSF Stereo Dipole Filter Oscillator Ping and Mutable Instruments Beads Granular

My favorite oscillator is actually a filter: the SSF Stereo Dipole using gates to ping the filter right on the edge of self-oscillation. Using the spread control, you can really tune the harmonics because the spread modulation input tracks 1 v/oct if you need. Just a touch of modulation on the resonance, and it really comes alive. A perfect analog tuned percussion instrument for my needs.

And just cause I love both analog and digital equally, I’m running it in this patch through a Mutable Instruments Beads for some extra hand played granular fun. A touch of compression at the end using a pair of Inward Connections Brutes. That’s it, no other effects, VCA’s, filter, or plugins.

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